Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sigla Acha!

Lets Rock!
Things have beee a tad quiet on the Cwm Lwch construction front of late. The workshops are getting a bit more detailed than I had anticipated so construction on my layout slowed down as I help the participants more. Then there was my birthday to deal with as well so that was another weekend away from the model, but never mind.
Last Saturday I got to do something. I worked on the quarry face. All it is is pieces of white expanded polystyrene stuck together like on the baseboard.
This is as far as I got. It looks a tad precarious but that is because I started out constructing the quarry face as a vertical face but when I'd got it finished I realised that it needed to slope backwards. So once I had trimmed some of the bottom off to slope the face back then the fron't rack face began to lift off the ground.
That however is not a problem as I was planning a retaining wall for that area anyway to help disguise the wagon tippler that I have yet to devise.
Anyway that's the state of play currently. Perhaps I'll get some more done this weekend too.

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